Meals for a Day- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner!

I often get asked, what can you eat or do you only eat salad? I actually eat more rich, flavorful and a larger variety of food now then I ever did. Before being a vegan, I actually ate horribly. I ate all processed foods, mostly frozen food that gets heated up in the microwave and fast food for every meal. I never cooked or ate anything that was homemade. It is incredible the amazing taste food has when it is homemade and not processed. I am happy to offer this for my baby as well. He eats what we eat. This guarantees he is getting everything he needs in the day. The baby is a great eater too. He is not picky and loves food. He loves many foods that typical babies do not like. Hummus, couscous, falafel, all fruits and veggies and garden burgers are among his favorites. This is the format we follow for all of us.

Breakfast- Grain, Fruit, Dairy Sub/Protein

Snack- Fruit, Vegetable, Grain

Lunch- Grain, Vegetable, Fruit, Dairy Sub/Protein

Dinner- Grain, Vegetable, Protein, Healthy Fat

Snack- Fruit, Vegetable, Grain

Dairy Sub- plant based milk yogurt, plant based milks- added to cereal, smoothies, etc.-2 or more daily. For babies/toddlers they need more. We do 20-25oz of soymilk mixed with a toddler soy formula for extra vitamins and DHA. Always use organic/non gmo soy products.

Vegetable- variety to eat the rainbow, mix of raw and cooked-4 or more servings/day

Fruit- variety to eat the rainbow- 2 or more servings/day

Grains- healthy grains- oats, millet, quinoa, couscous, whole grain breads, buckwheat, whole grain pasta, sprouted grains- 5 or more servings/day

Protein Alternative- beans, lentils, legumes, chickpeas, tofu/tempeh, nuts, seeds, spinach, soy-2 or more servings/day

Healthy Fats- Avocados, nuts, seeds, dairy subs- almond/soy. Omega 3/6’s- hemp hearts, flaxseeds, chia seeds-1 or more servings/day

Water-as much as possible throughout the day.