The Essentials of Green Living-Part 4: Men's Edition

Don't Over Think It. Just Begin. -Rich Roll

Hello Love the Green Life, I am Jared, Jess’s husband. Jess has asked me to share some of my experiences and products that I enjoy with you all as a part of her series. You will get a little different perspective and learn about products that are geared more for men’s care as well as products that we have discovered along this plant based journey and now enjoy.

Before I get into the products I thought I would share a little bit about my background and my journey to living a more green, sustainable, plant based lifestyle. Believe me when I say journey, it was a journey that started with me as a young man eating meat at just about every meal, sometimes breakfast, especially lunch and dinner. I grew up with the mentality that if meat wasn’t included in the meal then it wasn’t complete. I also grew up using products by popularity and branding rather than ingredients, sustainability and effectiveness. The key to my success was my wife engaging me to look into more healthier alternatives and research. Watching documentaries and reading articles helped me along the path to not only changing my brands and habits but also my mindset.

Let’s start with some body care products that we have discovered and why I made the change. Please understand I am not an expert by any means and I am simply sharing my own experiences and knowledge. Please do the proper research and find the products that best work for you. For me hair care is a big one. It wasn’t until I found that my youthful thick head of hair was starting to thin and I was showing signs of baldness that I really started to research hair care products. In this journey I discovered a startling fact. Most hair care products contain chemicals that actually rapidly age and thin hair rather than help it. Chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), diethanolamine (DEA) and other preservatives are used as solidifying agents or extend shelf life but can severely damage hair and lead to thinning and baldness in both men and women. Because I had such thick hair I used a lot of styling gel and other products and really ended up damaging my hair which caused severe thinning. Once I started researching, I realized just how many popular products actually used these chemicals. I now have found hair products that are free of these ingredients and actually promote healthy sustainable ingredients. I recently found products that are actually helping me grow my hair back!