Krista- President

 I'm a full time customer service representative, a part-time dance teacher, a wife, a fur-mama, but most of all I run on plant power.


Food and cooking has always played a huge part of my life whether it was spending hours in the kitchen with either of my grandmothers or mother learning how to cook their amazing recipes from scratch or sitting around a table with my big family enjoying holiday meals together. Most of my favorite memories involved making or eating food. Almost 3 years ago I made the lifestyle decision to give up eating meat for health reasons, and I have felt better ever since. Since then, I've looked at cooking and the meals I used to love in another light, as well as eating new and exciting foods. I love sharing my cooking with others as my family always has and excited to share some exciting dishes with everyone.

Diana- Vice President

My family transitioned to a vegan lifestyle almost 4 years ago. We started for health reasons but then learned more about the ethical aspect. We are raising 3 kids (14, 6, and 4 months). We are excited to help produce the next generation of “green “ individuals. Because of the kids I founded “Kind-cakes”, a vegan bakery. I did not want them left out at birthday parties or school functions. I wanted to show that these celebrations can still be enjoyed with vegan ingredients.

Natalie- Treasurer/Podcast Co-host

I’m a mother of two young children and an elementary school teacher. My most powerful method of living a green life is parenting and teaching in ways that promote care and awareness of our planet. Teaching respect and care for one’s ecosystem begins at home. I am thrilled to be a part of a team of people that have a similar mindset to make our world a better place. There are so many ways I am growing and learning how to live a greener lifestyle.

Molly- Special Events & Outreach

I have 2 children and 2 big Australian Shepherd dogs! We love the outdoor trails near our home and staying active. I currently teach fitness classes in the surrounding area. Strong Nation, Cardio Stixx, and Dance Cardio are my favorite. I have a BA degree in Dance from the University of Akron and hold a certification in group exercise. This upcoming year I will be celebrating 20 years of dance teaching experience and truly could not live without it!

When I was younger I took my health for granted and didn’t understand maintaining a healthy state of mind, body and spirit. As I have grown up, it has become abundantly clear just how detrimental these things are to maintain. As we grow older and wiser these things don’t come quite as easy. We do the research, educate ourselves and put in the effort! Part of what fuels my soul is movement.


Angela- Secretary

 I’m a wife and momma raising my family to love the green life! For us, that means respecting our planet by consuming less material things and being intentional with what we do purchase. We also think it’s so important to stay connected to nature and especially our food supply, by doing things like gardening and introducing ourselves to our local farmers who we purchase from. I’m excited to work with our organization to help you learn new ways to live a green life, too!