The Essentials of Green Living-Part 2: Body Care

Fall in love with taking care of yourself: Mind, Body and Soul

Sometimes things can feel really hectic. I feel pulled in a million directions. Working on Love the Green Life stuff, taking care of a toddler, trying to cram in every house project (which is a massive list, actually a notebook. lol) and fun things into summer. It is so challenging. One thing that begins to really lack this time of year and even more when I go back to work in the fall, is self care. This is something I need to do better with. Mind, body and soul. I have been trying to work this into my routine. I may need help being held accountable!

So lets start with body care. There are many aspects to taking care of our bodies and I hope to address all of them at some point on here. Today we are going to look at what goes on our bodies. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It is the front line of all things that your body comes in contact with. One important job is to shield harmful chemicals. When you are using body care products that are laden with toxins, you are giving your skin a lot of work. These harmful chemicals can seep through the pores and enter your bloodstream very quickly. Synthetic chemicals in body care products can also harm you when inhaled, such as fragrance or perfume or ingested through lipstick.

I challenge you to look at the ingredients on the back of your products. See if you can read them. Go back to part 1 of this series and look for some of those ingredients I highlighted and see if you find them. Another ingredient to watch out for is the word fragrance or parfum. These ingredients are a catch all and doesn't give you what exactly makes that smell. This is where companies get away with using some synthetic chemicals as it doesn't have to be listed separately. I purchase products that do not have that listed, but instead have specific essential oils as their fragrance. Also, looking for products with the least amount of ingredients is key. Think about if you were to make this product from scratch at home, what would you need? Skip the items with all the synthetics and preservatives and go with the ones that have limited ingredients. Your skin will thank you!!

So lets get down to business. Here are some of my favorite picks! I highlight where you can get these products, but many of the products are sold in Whole Foods and the Mustard Seed stores.