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Jess Taylor
Founder/Executive Director


Jess's journey into the plant based world began on May 15, 2003. She made the choice to become a vegetarian during a time when it was pretty unpopular and there was no support, information or plans on how to do this. As a result, she became very unhealthy. For years, not knowing how to cook, plan, shop or even eat properly, she succumbed to the fast food lifestyle for every meal. Jess consumed so much dairy that she was seeking help for IBS. She cut out dairy, all animal products and most processed foods in 2015 and her symptoms diminished completely. She was making herself sick and didn’t even know it! And she was shortening her lifespan!! Did you know that for every 10% of your diet that comes from processed foods, your risk of death goes up 14%?

Jess knew she wasn’t alone and wanted to share what she had learned with others. It became her calling and mission to help others on their journey. Along the way, she met people who would say to her, "I wish my kids liked vegetables" or "it’s so expensive to eat healthy" or "I would love to make homemade meals, but I don’t have the time". Jess knew she had the answers to all of those questions and could be a support system for them. She didn’t want them to struggle for years like she did to make a positive change.

Jess Taylor founded Love the Green Life as an educational service that specializes in choosing cruelty-free and chemical-free products and living a more sustainable lifestyle. We help others like Jess on their journey and support women who are busy, but want to change their lifestyle for them and their families. Jess and Natalie have master’s degrees in education and active teaching licenses, as well as certifications in nutrition and plant based nutrition. We support our mission through coaching, a podcast and an annual conference with experts in the field. Our goal is to drive community change toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Other than her love for plant based living and all things green; Jess is a wife and mother to her little vegan family. She is obsessed with cats and have 3 inside and 4 outside. Jess was a dance teacher for 20 years, yoga and fitness lover and vintage enthusiast! 

She proudly has earned the following accreditations-

  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of Akron

  • Master of Arts in Teaching from Kent State University. 

  • Diploma in Nutrition, Advanced Nutrition and Childhood Nutrition from the Shaw Academy

  • Plant Based Nutrition Certification from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University

Natalie Ringeis
Director of Development


Natalie Ringeis is a mother of two children, a wife and a fur-momma to her dog; Sprocket. She is the co-host of The Love the Green Life Podcast, a life-long educator, and the Director of Development for Love the Green Life. She has been officially teaching in ways that promote care and awareness of our magnificent planet since 2006. From leading summer garden programs for children, becoming an Assistant Naturalist for a local Parks & Recreation department, to teaching in a nature-focused, project-based elementary school, Natalie is an green educator at heart. Natalie is an alumna from The University of Akron in Akron, Ohio; earning her a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, minor in Child Development and Master of Arts in Educational Foundations Emphasizing Instructional Technology. Her license also includes a 4th & 5th grade Curriculum Endorsement, K-12 Reading Endorsement, K-12 Reading Specialist and K-12 Technology Facilitator. Natalie was involved in Residence Life & Housing on campus as well as the Residence Hall Program Board Major Events Committee. Following a summer abroad to Beijing, China in 2006 and multiple international roommates, Natalie has pushed toward cultural diversity and community education efforts. She hopes to become a host-family one day for international students. 

She believes that the only way to ensure a happy, healthy planet, is to support efforts that promote compassionate living. She is thrilled to be a part of a team of people that have a similar mindset to make our world a better place. 

Her Favorite Green Product(s) 

● Local Honey & Elderberry syrup from Mueller Honey Bee Rescue 

● Booda Butter Cocoa Eco-Balm

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