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Getting started can be the hardest part. It can feel so overwhelming. There is a method to the madness and you can do it! Here are a few tips to get you started.

Making the switch to green-living:

Don't try to change everything at once; that can be expensive and overwhelming. Start with one area first. I started with food.



1. Go through cupboards and refrigerator. Read labels, clear out unhealthy and chemical filled processed products.

2. Each time you go to the store, get something new to replace what you already have. (spices, sugar, etc.) 

3. Meal plan a week at a time and make the grocery list. You will save money and be able to buy organic. 

4. Begin buying organic, non-GMO products. Click here to learn more about the importance of shopping this way

Skin Care

Change out your skin care and cosmetics as you use them up so it is not so expensive at one time. It is most important to change out the ones that sit on your skin the longest first. This would be lotions, creams, face makeup. The ones you wash off like body wash, shampoo and hand soap, you can save to change out when you run out. 

Click here to check out where your current products score and look for ones that are better 



Cleaning Products and Home Goods

Much like the skin care products begin to take inventory of what is in your home and begin to change it out as you use it up. Also, when it is time for new items in your home look for the best non-toxic, eco-friendly option. For example, as you change out carpet, get a new couch, new mattress or even just sheets and towels. We started slow and began to change out to organic, chemical free options. 

This is a great resource for checking out cleaning products as well as other items your family uses daily. 

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