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Welcome to Plant Power Virtual Summit 2021

Get all the content plus more for a $25 donation!!
305 Fitness Class with Carly Ameling
How to Make a Difference Without Spending a Lot of Time with Brandy Heyde Montague
Cupcake Icing Techniques with Diana Nicholson from Kind Cakes
Work From Home Tension Relief with Jess 
Chocolate Chip Cookies with Anthony & Staci Lo Cascio
The Terrible Three with Azizi from Tiny Green Chef
Foods That Lower Your Carbon Footprint with Dr. Michael Greger
Springtime Creative Movement for Littles with Jess Taylor
Jackfruit Taco Cooking Demo with Krista Taylor
Vegan Parenting Outside the Home with Marisa Miller Wolfson
Clean & Green Make-Up Tutorial with Krista Taylor
Cardio Stixx with Molly Dills
Gut Healthy Kombucha with Angela Weaver
Reducing Plastics with Bottle Bricking from Kendall Crookston
Core Connecting with Emily Crofford
Plant Power Program Module Preview
Stop Sarcopenia Before It Begins with Stacy Rhea
Evidence-based Weight Loss with Dr. Greger
Springtime Creative Movt (2).png

Thank you for joining the 2nd Annual Love The Green Life Virtual Summit! We look forward to seeing you next year! For more content, check out our weekly podcast. Click on the podcast tab to listen.

If you enjoyed the summit, please consider supporting our mission and signing up for our ultimate package for only $25!! You will get all the content, plus many BONUSES!!! Head to the top and click on the link! 

Also a HUGE thank you to all of our presenters who gave up precious time to be on here today with us! Please follow and support them too!  

If you are interested in providing feedback to us, please head over to the link for a quick survey.

Much love,

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