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Show Notes


Welcome to our podcast. We are both teachers, mamas, nature lovers and passionate about changing the world we live in and helping to save the planet by inspiring others. 


Join us as we discuss practical ways to live a more sustainable, healthy and green life for you, your family and even your furbabies.

Episode 2- Going Green Sucks-1/31/21

Episode 3- The Best Green Apps-2/7/21

Episode 4- Green Living FAQ-2/14/21

Episode 5- Meal Plan Like A Pro-2/21/21

Episode 7- LTGL Announcements-3/7/21

Episode 8- Green Spring Break-3/14/21

Episode 9- Go Green! Rewarding Kids-3/21/2021

Episode 10- Fashionable & Sustainable Ways to Dress-3/28/2021

Episode 11- Go Green! Kids Lit-4/5/2021

Episode 12- Go Green! Adult Lit-4/11/2021

Episode 13- Go Green! Documetaries-4/18/2021

Episode 14- Go Green! Family Friendly Films-4/25/2021

Episode 15- Mental Health Wellness-5/2/2021

Episode 16- Make Your Yard Wildlife Friendly-5/10/2021

Episode 19- Anthony & Staci Lo Cascio-5/30/2021

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