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What’s in your fridge?

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Have you taken the time to really look at what is in your refrigerator?  Here are some pictures of our refrigerator.  We will delve into what makes it a healthy shrine.

Now let's look delve into what we can see in these pictures.  Examining the bottom draw. We buy and cut up organic carrots and celery. It stays in this glass container so we can easily grab it and munch on it or dip it in some hummus or guac. Next are organic apples. Apples are a highly pesticide fruit and conventional should not be purchased. We also have organic tofu to make a tofu scramble for breakfast this week and vegan cheese by Follow Your Heart. This brand has a great taste, unlike some other vegan cheeses I have found.

In our draws are tons of organic fruits and vegetables. We clean and cut all produce before putting it away. This helps to ensure you eating it. If you put it away without doing that, you get busy and the food ends up going bad. This way it is ready for you any time you want it. When you are snackish the last thing you want to do is grab carrots, wash and cut them. We also put everything in glass containers.  The use of plastic emits harmful chemicals, such as BPA into your food and in turn into your body.  

Bread is another item that you need to read the ingredients.  Chances are that it will list ingredients you cannot pronounce.  A rule of thumb is if you cannot say the word or it looks foreign to you, do not consume it.  The least amount of ingredients in a food item, the better.  It means it is less processed and in it's most natural state.  Avoid at all cost anything containing the word azodicarbonamide.  This is a chemical additive in bread and other dough products.  It is banned in Australia and Europe and holds a hefty fine if used.  In the US it is considered safe.  Another problem with the way things are run here.  But, I digress... We purchase several brands, but always purchase organic.  We usually buy the spelt ancient grain or the 7 grain flax.  Buying any type of grain bread is the best! 

At the top of the fridge I have protein balls that I make at home.  They have less sugar and I know all the ingredients that go in them,  It is simply banana, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, vegan protein powder, chia or flax seeds, oats and of course everything is organic.  Try finding a protein bar with no added sugar and that few ingredients! I also love to buy fruit and make up a fruit salad at the beginning of each week for us. It is great to have in the morning with the Forager Project Cashew Yogurt. This tastes so good. It is so creamy and the best non-dairy yogurt out there!

Lastly, the condiments in the fridge doors are organic and mostly in glass jars To some this seems crazy and a lot of work and overboard.  That is fine to think that, I probably did at some point too.  All it takes is to read the ingredients on the food you currently have in your home. Research and look into some of the ingredients you are not sure what they are.  It will radically change the way you shop and eat.  Just being enlightened to the fact that we consume deadly chemicals on a regular basis will change your thinking.  Seeing the growing statistics of cancer and other diseases proves that something is contributing to that.  Be aware.

Take the challenge and open your refrigerator and just look at what you have.  Read the ingredients. Be informed! 


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