What’s in your fridge?

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Have you taken the time to really look at what is in your refrigerator?  Here are some pictures of our refrigerator.  We will delve into what makes it a healthy shrine.

Now let's look delve into what we can see in these pictures.  Examining the bottom draw. We buy and cut up organic carrots and celery. It stays in this glass container so we can easily grab it and munch on it or dip it in some hummus or guac. Next are organic apples. Apples are a highly pesticide fruit and conventional should not be purchased. We also have organic tofu to make a tofu scramble for breakfast this week and vegan cheese by Follow Your Heart. This brand has a great taste, unlike some other vegan cheeses I have found.

In our draws are tons of organic fruits and vegetables. We clean and cut all produce before putting it away. This helps to ensure you eating it. If you put it away without doing that, you get busy and the food ends up going bad. This way it is ready for you any time you want it. When you are snackish the last thing you want to do is grab carrots, wash and cut them. We also put everything in glass containers.  The use of plastic emits harmful chemicals, such as BPA into your food and in turn into your body.