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The Essentials of Green Living- Part 1: Makeup

Be Kind, Be Confident, Be Beautiful Inside and Out

One morning I realized as I was on putting cheap drugstore liquid eyeliner that maybe that isn't the best thing for my skin. This was before I had investigated into anything and before knowing what chemicals and additives can do to you. I just thought about it on my eyelid and made that connection. This was the catalyst to something that would change the way I would live my life from here on out. I started to research ingredients in common make up and beauty products and was shocked by what I was finding out. I downloaded the app SkinDeep which is created by the Environmental Working Group (now they only have one app called EWG's Healthy Living, but still does the same thing). It allows you to search or scan your products. It gives you a rating and explains why. It tells you exactly which ingredients to watch for. In my early years of change, this was my guide. I began to scan everything I had and learn about the ingredients, how they were produced, which ones were tested on animals, which ones were fair trade and began to change over to healthier options. Now, many years later I have my favorite products and know enough about ingredients and chemicals, that I no longer use the app for much.

When I began to make this makeup switch, I was lucky enough to find an amazing beauty store called, Pure Organic Beauty about an hour away. I was able to go there and learn about some brands of makeup and other beauty and body care products. I was able to try them on and match my colors and best of all I was able to ask a ton of questions and learn all about clean beauty care products and why it should matter. Unfortunately this store closed due to the owner needing to relocate across the country.

Why does it matter???

Our skin absorbs 60% of any topical product we put on it. The average woman wears 515 chemicals on her face each day. The top 5 chemical ingredients to watch out for....

1. Formaldehyde- Found in nail polish, shampoo, body wash and eyelash glue. This carcinogen can cause lung cancer, leukemia and reproductive, developmental and neurological toxicity.

2. Sodium Lauryl, Laureth Sulfate (SLS and SLES)- Found in anything that foams; shampoo, body wash, face wash, soap, etc. This chemical can irritate the skin, slows the healing process and can cause hair loss and adversely affects new hair growth.

3. Parabens (anything that ends in paraben)- Found in many personal care products. This chemical can cause premature skin aging and DNA damage.

4. Petroleum, Paraffin and Mineral Oil- Found in makeup, body wash, baby oil and hair conditioner. These can cause premature aging, health and skin disorders (contact dermatitis).

5. Synthetic Fragrance- Found in personal care products and perfumes. This is dangerous, because they can list fragrance or perfume as an ingredient and not disclose which chemicals are being used in the product. These synthetic ingredients can cause hormone disruption, headaches and dizziness, skin rashes and irritation.

Choose products free from toxins, synthetic preservatives and artificial fragrances and colors.

Here are my top picks for makeup products-


Eye liners

Liquid Eyeliner- I love ZUZU Luxe. It comes in several colors. I love the Black Pearl. It goes on smoothly and lasts the entire day. It stays on even through my workouts, teaching dance and running around all day with a toddler. I used to get it locally at Earth Fare, but it is also on Amazon.

Eye pencil- Alima Pure is an amazing makeup company. This was a company that I got to explore and try at the beauty store. Once that store closed I knew what I liked and was able to order it. I order their products directly from them or you can find their products on Amazon also. I use their eye pencil, face powder, makeup brushes, eye shadows and lipstick.

Mascara- Pacifica is a brand that is easily accessible. Target sells many of their products including this mascara. It can also be found at Whole Foods, Ulta and online. I tried several mascaras before settling in with this one. It is a great option. Alima Pure and 100% Pure both have amazing options, but cost more than this one. They offer it in a waterproof option too.

Eye shadows

Eye Shadows- I have tried several brands for eye shadows. I enjoy them all. I mostly changed around with brands as I found ones on sale or there was a specific color I was looking for. Alima Pure, Savvy Minerals by Young Living and Honeybee Gardens are all loose mineral shadows. The Mineral Fusion is a pressed palate.

I also love Alima's brushes. Ecotools can be found at Target and Ulta. They are reasonably priced, cruelty free and vegan, and made from recycled sustainable bamboo. Win, win!!!


Foundation- This is a new product for me. I took advantage of the Whole Foods beauty sale and tried it out. Wanted something for my dark circles and tired eyes. I love this as an all around product. It gives my face a glow and provides some sun protections too.

Mineral Face Powder- Once again, Alima Pure is my favorite. I was using a popular mineral based makeup prior to changing, so this was an easy switch. It goes on similarly and I was able to try it on at the store first. They do have a find you match on their website. They give you 10 sample colors, their Kabuki brush and $10 credit towards purchase of a face powder! Can't go wrong there. I have been using this product since 2014 and am in love with it!


I LOVE chapstick! I use it all day long. I have several favorites. Norwex Raspberry Vanilla is a go to. Norwex is a company I will talk about more later. They strive to change the world through non toxic products. I also love their lip shimmers. It feels like chap stick, but with a hint of color. I love supporting local companies. Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve Company is locally made in Solon, OH and family owned. Emily's Soaps is another local company that I started buying at the farmer's market. The best part of locally made is minimal ingredients and all good stuff! I will talk more about both of these companies in the body care blog.

Makeup Remover-

The best makeup remover is not even a remover, but a cloth and water! Norwex makes makeup remover cloths that use just water and take off your makeup, cleans your face and is a self cleaning cloth. I also use the exfoliating face mitt. Takes away dry skin with just water and no chemicals! The makeup removal cloth was my first Norwex product and still a favorite of mine! Click on the picture below to learn more about these products or to order your own.

I hope this gives you a jump start on making some healthy changes to your makeup regiment. If you have questions, please let me know. Once again I have no affiliation with these companies, so my thoughts on their products are all me! Next up is how to green your body care products!


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