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The Essentials of Green Living- 10 part series

Welcome to a fun summer blog series! I am often asked about clean, chemical free or cruelty free, green choices of products and items I use daily. People want to switch to something that is healthier, better for the environment or fair trade and not tested on animals. Whatever the reason for the switch, it can be intimidating as to where to start. Change can be a hard thing for many people. I am someone who is set in my ways; even OCD if you will. I like consistency and am a creature of habit. So when I discovered some truths about products I have been using I knew it was time for a much needed and welcomed change. It wasn't easy.

I made the choice in 2014 to start learning and researching about the products I use on a daily basis. I learned how they affected my health and the environment and how they were produced. I began to make the switch to cleaner, cruelty free and environmentally sustainable choices. Through the years, I have tried so many products as I made that switch. I now have specific ones that I love and live by! These were products that my family used growing up and I began using as an adult. These were products that I knew, loved and trusted for upwards of 30 years. Changing and going to something completely different was a challenge, but after learning about many of the products, I had peace about this change and hope for a healthy future.

This is why I am often asked about a specific product. Take for example, someone wants to stop using fabric softener and dryer sheets due to chemicals and artificial fragrances. They come to me for advice and want to know what the green version is. I love helping people with these changes. It really is my passion and what I live for. I love seeing people caring and getting excited about what I get excited about.


There are some things one can only achieve by a deliberate leap in the opposite direction. -Franz Kafka

This blog series will feature some of my favorite green choices. I am not endorsed by any of these companies and these are my own personal choices and opinions. This 10 part series will be broken up for you to read, discover and refer back to easily. Each blog will feature products and tips to help you begin to change, do a full overhaul or continue to improve your green lifestyle! We will discuss makeup, body care products, men's care, cleaning and home essentials, baby and toddler must haves, food staples, clothes and accessories, reduce, reuse, and repurpose, pet products, and my top picks of what I can't live without! I am so excited to share this with you. I am excited for there to be some dialogue. Comment, email, reach out for more info or if you want help with anything. I love when people try products that I suggest and fall in love. I love that they are changing their lifestyle, but also helping change the world! You may not feel like you are doing that, but by giving up unhealthy, chemical filled, unethical products and choosing a better version, you are helping make and continue to make that change happen globally. Ahhh! It is so exciting! Come on this journey with me over the next several weeks!


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