Reducing Toxins

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

5 steps to less toxins in your everyday life

I  am all about reducing toxins in my home and in my life.  I am working daily on living a greener, healthier and more organic life.  Here are some easy ways to cut toxins out of your daily life...

“Make one change at a time and drastically reduce your eco-footprint.”

Buy Organic

This is something that I have made a priority.  I used to think it was a good idea and bought organic sometimes. We now buy organic everything. Fruits and vegetables are super important to buy organic to avoid pesticides. I buy organic and still use fruit/veggie cleaner and hot water to wash them in. If you eat meat and dairy, organic is important for both of these.  It does not have hormones, pesticides or GMO's then. Soybeans and peanuts are incredibly high for pesticides, it is important to buy organic peanut butter, peanuts and soy products; this protects your from GMO's too. Visit for more information on buying safe foods.

Use green cleaning products

I use only items that I check on this site...

This makes certain that I am not using chemicals that will hurt me or my cats.  I am also guaranteed that I am using products that are safe and support the environment and is cruelty free which is important to me.  I also use natural products for cleaning too.  For example, white vinegar is great for cleaning and cheap.  I use this with hot water to mop the floors.  I have several pins on my Pinterest page on using natural items to make your own cleaners on my Organic and Green Living board.