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naturepedic organic bedding

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

We spend so much of our lives in bed, therefore you should know what you are sleeping on.

Really think about how much time you spend in your bed. If you are 75 years old, you have spent 25 years in bed.  It is important to think about what you are sleeping on, sweating on and breathing in. 

The naturepedic Experience

We visited the naturepedic store to pick out our new all organic mattress that we are got in June of 2016.  We were desperate for a new mattress, but wanted to make sure we got one that was chemical free for our heath and environmentally friendly.  Naturepedic is located in Chagrin Falls, OH but has many retailers nationally and internationally.  The company was started in 2003 by Barry A. Cik, a Board Certified Environmental Engineer.  He wanted a safe option for crib mattresses for his grandchild and the company was born. All mattresses are made in the USA and the company holds many certifications, endorsements, awards and advocacy memberships.  

The mattresses are made with organic cotton fabric and filling, organic wool batting, PLA (made from non-gmo potatoes), and organic latex.  All materials are non-gmo, certified organic and are made without any chemicals, such as flame retardants.  All materials are tested by an independent third party and meet the UL/Greenguard Gold certification standard.  These beds are the healthiest beds you can get!!! 

The mattresses come in many models, sizes and firmness.  They also offer crib mattresses, toddler/kid mattresses, changing table pads, bassinet pads (even custom made ones!), pillows, sheets, pillow toppers and mattress covers.  The experience was great.  We met with someone there to get an idea so when we had the money we could do it.  There was no pressure and it was a relaxed visit at the store. We went back to get our queen size mattress as well as a crib/toddler mattress for little E and a changing pad for his changing table.

Check out naturepedic at You can also check them out on facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest.  



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