3 helpful resources

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

It can feel overwhelming when you are starting out. Begin with one change at a time. I started with food, then body care products, then cleaning products. These apps and websites helped me in the beginning and hopefully will help you.

These resources were a life saver when I first started my journey in the green life. I use them less now, as I have been educated and can spot ingredients and read labels, but they are wonderful sources.


This website is a wonderful resource. Daily I see articles that are worth reading. It has everything from exercise, eating right, to positive thinking. It is such a good site and provides me with a lot of inspiration. You can even take classes through the site. I took Rich Roll's class called the Ultimate Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition. It was an informative way in starting a healthy way of eating plant-based and not eating junk food.

Skin Deep and the EWG

This is a website, but also has an app. It changed my life. I just scan the bar code of a product and it scores it from 0-10 as far as being safe to put on your skin. It gives an overall score then gives none, low, moderate or high rating for the following; allergy, developmental/toxicity, cancer. It lists all the ingredients as well as ones that you should stay away from. It was an eye opener for me and now I use it every time I go to the store! I have found many products at Earth Fare that rated a 0. You can use the EWG website to research more and learn more, but also look up cleaning products and other products you use.